The Nine Pillars

There are Nine Pillars in the world of Antevium. These pillars only exist on the Material Plane, no other plane has pillars with similar properties. Each pillar, while sharing certain properties with other pillars, have their own unique set of rules. Many believe these pillars to be divine gifts but many disagree what their purpose is. 

Some say they serve as altars to the gods, while organizations like Order of the Pillars, believe the pillars support the laws of the Material Plane. One thing is agreed upon, these pillars are divine. 

Certain organizations have taken it upon themselves to guard The Nine Pillars while others seek to destroy them. These pillars are scattered around Antevium and so far only the nine have been found. There are theories of the true number that exist in the world. 

Name and Location:

-Pillar of Death 

-Pillar of Conflict

-Pillar of the Planes

-Pillar of Energy

-Pillar of Time

-Pillar of Dimensions

-Pillar of Nature

-Pillar of Mind

-Pillar of Balance

The Nine Pillars

Antevium Kraklen